Muscle Building Tips & Strategies

In this section, I cover my findings from other sources online that I believe give out good information. I will only share sources that I believe will benefit everyone in their goal of gaining lean muscle mass WITHOUT fat.

How Many Carbs Should You Eat Per Day to Build Muscle?

NCI5_POTATOWhen I started training I found it incredibly hard to gain any size. That was until I started eating the right amount of carbohydrates. There is so much talk about protein for building muscle, that oftentimes people don’t pay much attention to the amount of carbs they consume.

Personally, my gains SKYROCKETED when I started adding Ultra Fine Scottish oats [Read more…]

Focus on Heavy “Eccentrics” to Build Maximal Lean Mass (Type II Muscle Fibres…)

eccentricIm my newsletter I talk about eccentric training, which is the lowering of a weight. For example, if you were doing dips, the “eccentric movement” is the lowering of your body.

Anyhow, research has shown that heavy weights that are taken to failure, while focusing on the eccentric [Read more…]