The 3 ESSENTIAL “Skinny-Guy” Supplements For Building Muscle Mass

By Luke Logan

There’s a lot of B.S supplements out there on the market today, which we’ll discuss, but if you’re skinny and want results as quickly as possible…

…There’s 3 ESSENTIAL supplements you must get.

1. Creatine
2. Glutamine
3. Fish Oil

Now, DON”T make the mistake of rushing out to buy these (right) now.

Most of them on the market are…

“W-A-Y O-V-E-R-P-R-I-C-E-D”

With HUGE marketing campaigns behind them, designed to ROB you of your hard-earned money.

You don’t need those ones with FANCY labels, and (other) fancy ingredients.

Consuming them in their RAW form … will give you just the SAME results.

And in their raw form … they’re DIRT cheap.

Let’s start with …

1. Creatine

There has been more documented research on creatine than any supplement in the fitness industry.

Creatine is found in animal protein and is present in steak, chicken and fish … but in very small doses.

Without getting all technical on you … the research is pretty conclusive.

Creatine HELPS packs on weight for us skinny dudes.

I ALWAYS use it during my bulking phase and it makes the world of difference.

Hear this through …

Most creatine is packaged up with pretty labels and HUGE marketing budgets behind it …

It’s all overpriced junk.

All you need to 100% pure creatine powder … and it’s dirt cheap.

Also … If you’ve ever heard about the “Loading Phase” regarding creatine -ignore the advice,

You don’t need to load up on this stuff.

Again … this is just to get you to consume more of it.

All you need is 10-15 grams per day over 3 doses.

That’s plenty … Anymore will not make a difference.

Moving on.

Not as well researched … but essential for a health immune system is …

2. Glutamine

Glutamine has so many benefits that I’m surprised it’s not as well documented as creatine.

Lifting heavy weights 4-5 times a week with intensity is NO easy task.

Sooner or later your body starts to feel the effects.

You start feeling weak, tired, you get sick and recovery takes longer.

I’ve been there and it’s frustrating as hell.

Thankfully, I discovered Glutamine and I’ve NEVER been in that situation again.

When I started getting a sore throat, I’d take 30 grams of this stuff over 3 doses and the next morning I’d be fine.

That’s how good it is.

Not only that, but it seems to regulate your blood sugar levels.

… putting an end to cravings for sugar.

Try 3 servings daily of around 5-10g per day, I think you’ll like it.

Next up …

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil

Next to protein, this stuff will pack on more LEAN mass than anything else.

… and unless you eat TONS of steak (grass fed) and fish EVERY day, then you need to supplement with this stuff.

Omega 3 fish oil has so many health benefits – it’s amazing.

… and natural bodybuilders have been taking it for years.

If you’re skinny and want results quick, you want to get good fats at EVERY meal.

I mainly supplement them with my protein or MRP shakes.

Because I eat a lot of eggs, grass fed beef and fish every day which all contain a good amount of omega 3 oil.

For years, we’ve been conditioned to believe that FAT is NOT good for you.

There are some fats that are bad, sure. But, there are fats that are essential too, and without them your health is at risk.

And your gains will be minimal without them too.

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