6 Rules To Follow For MAXIMAL “Skinny-Guy” Muscle Growth

How To Pack On 24-30 lbs of Lean Muscle (Without Fat) In The Next Few Months – Here’s How …

modelBy Luke Logan

In the last 4 months I’ve been able to consistently put on 4-6 lbs of muscle EVERY month.

I’ve also been adamant about not putting on any fat, so I’ve been meticulous about keeping an eye on my body fat levels.

And the great thing is — I’ve not added ANY body fat at all.

You see…

If you strive to put on anymore than 4-6 lbs of mass every month and you succeed … you could very well be adding unwanted fat along with those gains.

After testing tons of muscle building strategies, I’ve nailed what I believe are 6 CRUCIAL rules to follow if your looking for maximal gains as quickly as possible.

Are you ready?

Here goes …

1. Progressive Overload

Nothing feels better than doing more work or lifting heavier weights than your last session.

And nothing builds muscle quicker either … than progressively putting more strain on your muscles O-V-E-R – T-I-M-E….

I typically lift in the heavy 4-6 rep range, and when I can lift a weight for 3 sets of 6 reps, I’ll up my weight the next time I train that same muscle again.

I’ll typically add between 2-5kg of weight and aim for 3 sets of 4 reps with this new (heavier) weight.

I’ll stick with that weight until I can lift it again for 3 sets of 6 reps. Even if it takes me the next 2-3 weeks to accomplish (unlikely).

Of course, you can never lift heavier weights forever and ever; you will always reach a point where you cannot exceed.

…but a stronger muscle is undoubtedly a bigger muscle.

Obviously keeping track of the weight you lifted on every exercise either requires a great memory, or a journal and I have neither and don’t want to waste my time in the gym writing in my journal.

So, I just keep track mentally on the compound lifts I do – that’s all you’ll need.

You don’t need to keep track of your isolation work.

2. Compound Exercises

After the last point, it only makes sense to cover compound lifts.

So firstly, if your not adding the following exercises to your lifting program, then DO IT NOW. These will build more muscle in minimum time than anything else you could possibly do in the gym.

Here they are…

Pull-ups / Chin-ups
Bench Press / Dumbbell Press
Barbell Military Press / Dumbbell Shoulder Press

These are the main ones and one or two should be added to every gym session you do.

Then your isolation work comes after.

3. Getting Adequate Sleep

I know, I know. You’ve heard it a million times before, but it needs to be said — It’s that important.

Your muscles grow when you’re resting and (mainly) while your sleeping.

Growth hormones are released about 45 minutes into your sleep and without it, you’ll not grow.

Don’t waste your time feeding your body with great nutrition, hit the gym HARD 4-5 times a week and then waste it all by partying into the night with your mates until 2am in the morning.

If you do … you’re just wasting your time and money.

Get at least 6-7 hours sleep at night and if you feel tired in the mornings, maybe you need 8-9 hours.

Everybody’s different.

Get to know your body and learn how much sleep you need.

4. Meal Frequency

The jury is still out on this one. Whether you eat 3 huge meals a day or 6 smaller meals with the required protein, carbs and fat, the fact remains…

…people who eat more regular meals are leaner.

Since I’ve been eating 6 meals per day, I no longer crave sugary foods and find it much easier to stick to my nutrition plan and I believe that’s a direct result of eating smaller, more regular meals.

And although the evidence is not conclusive, I feel better knowing that my body is getting protein EVERY 2-3 hours as apposed to every 5 hours.

Plus, I have more energy too.

Therefore, I suggest if you are looking to pack on lean muscle as quick as possible, you space your meals every 2-3 hours and ensure you get protein at every meal.

5. Ensure Required Macronutrients

We already discussed in the last section that you need to get protein every 2-3 hours.

However, if you are skinny, you want to ensure you get PLENTY of carbs too.

Ensure you get at least 1g protein for every lb of bodyweight and get at least 2g of carbs, preferable 2.5g for every lb of bodyweight — at least at first.

However, this comes with an exception.

If you’re “skinny-fat” and your body fat percentage is over 20%, I recommend you consume 1g of carbs for every lb of bodyweight and keep an eye on your body fat levels.

You may have a slower metabolism than the true ectomorph, so you want to ensure you’re not storing fat.

If you are … keep slowly cutting your carbs until your body fat levels stay level or start coming down.

Also, start upping your intensity and cardio. You want to get your body fat percentage to around 10-15% before you start bulking again.


Because not only is it bad for your health to exceed body fat levels over 20%, it will be harder to remove it later down the road.

However, if you’re below 20%, don’t worry.

Eat 6 times per day, eat clean, eat 1 lb of protein and 2.5g of carbs per lb of bodyweight and keep an eye on your body fat.

If you lift correctly, you should be getting at least 1 lb of muscle growth EVERY week.

6. Lift Heavy

The jury is still out on this one too and (probably) always will be.

However, I have had the best gains when I stick to lifting HEAVY weights in the 4-6 rep range.

This range also provides the highest intensity workout – which I love. It keeps you lean and the motivation you get after lifting heavier weights every week, is worth it.

99% of people who join a fitness club lift weights for 15-25 reps and they wonder why they stay small.

Lift heavy, lift hard, lift with intensity and you’ll see a HUGE difference in your physique in a matter of months.


And it’s because I NEVER stopped learning on what it takes to build a head turning body.

… The next step to building muscle QUICKLY is to “tailor” your nutrition for your particular lifestyle, circumstances and goals.

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