IGNITE Your Energy Levels In The Gym

Here’s How To Get Your Body ENERGISED (Like a 5 Year Old Child) & Ready For 110% Effort In Your Next Gym Session …

childBy Luke Logan

It’s Monday morning.

After a weekend of a few too many cheat meals, you can’t wait to get to the gym.

Lunchtime comes and you hit the weights.

10 mins into your routine, you feel like absolute crap … Your tired, lazy and your mind keeps wondering onto other things.

Your not focused at all.

You finish your routine “full of regret” as you know you had a TERRIBLE workout …

What can you do?

…a few things actually.

I used to have the exact same scenario F-A-R too many times until I discovered the power of …

High Caffeine doses

I didn’t start using this stuff until quite late.

But, BOY what a difference this makes.

After a few weeks of training HEAVY in the 4-6 range, your going to get a little tired, sometimes bored and other times VERY lazy…

We all know what caffeine does, but for your gym session – it’s a game changer.

After 200mg of this stuff, you can’t wait to rip the crap our of those weights.

Word of warning through:

You will see “Pre Workout” supplements that go for BIG MONEY, that are marketed as a way for you to get the best out of your workout …

Avoid them.

Why? … Yup … you guessed it.

Overpriced CRAP.

All you need is 100% caffeine tablets, as this is the MAIN ingredient anyway.

… and I get them for about £4 for 200 tablets (about $6…) and it will last you for 6 months…

Please DON’T fall for the hype.

These companies use clever marketing tactics to get you to buy their CRAP.

… and that’s exactly what it is.


If you still feel a little tired after taking caffeine, here’s a few more tips to get 110% out of EVERY session.

1. Ensure you DON’T consume any simple sugars with your breakfast. If you must have sugar in your morning beverage, use Stevia (a natural sweetener)

2. Take “Gingko Biloba” … for me this has made an enormous difference to my blood flow and mental state.

3. 200mg caffeine 2 hours before training. Now this is not for everyone … but for me, it’s an essential boost to get 110% out of my gym sessions.

4. Meal Replacement Shake with 50g of ultra fine scottish oats 1 hour before training.

… After much trail and error, that combination (above) gives me bucket-loads of energy when I hit the weights and can give it everything I have in the tank.

Try it … I think you’ll like it.

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