When To BULK & When To Start CUTTING — ( … for Skinny Guys)

End The Confusion, Become Focused & Hit Your “Muscle Mass” Goals Quickly & Efficiently …

skinnyBy Luke Logan

More than anything, the biggest ROADBLOCK that’s preventing you in getting the physique you so desperately want is …


… and one of those points of confusion comes down to this question that I see asked over-and-over again.

“I’m skinny, with a bit of a belly – I think the term is “Skinny-Fat”… I’ve been training and I’m not seeing great results as I keep switching my routine. I’m confused whether I should be bulking or cutting. Can you help?”

This is a common question … here’s my take on it.

Most skinny guys (the true ectomorph) will have a very fast metabolism and no matter what they eat, they don’t store fat.

There are however, those unfortunate guys (I was there once) that are tall, skinny and store fat easily in the abdomen.

If this explains you – get your body fat tested …

Get it tested at your local gym, by a healthcare professional or buy a decent set of callipers.


Because my initial advice would be to start bulking, as the fastest way to reach your goals is to put mass on your skinny frame.

But … if your body far percentage is over 20%, then you’re putting you’re health at risk if you start bulking.

The ideal range to start bulking is around 10-15%

In general, most people will put on a LITTLE fat when they start bulking … its very hard NOT to when your in a calorie surplus, which is needed to start growing.

And not only is it dangerous for your health to have body fat that high, it will also be VERY hard to remove in the long run.

So, initially, you want to get your body fat down …

Allow yourself to go into a calorie deficit, and start lifting weights with intensity (heavy).

If after a month you are not losing body fat, start adding some HIT (high intensity) cardio to the mix a couple times a week.

Once you get to a body fat level of 10-15%, you can start the bulking.

When bulking you want to consume a calorie surplus of 200-400 extra calories than your body needs to maintain its weight.

If you notice your not gaining at least 1lb of mass every week, up your carb intake by 10%, and keep upping your carb intake until you are putting on 4lbs a month.

Any more growth than this and you’ll more than likely be storing fat.

Just make sure you keep an eye on your body fat levels.

You should only need 1g of protein for every lb of bodyweight, at this stage.

You’ll need (a little) more when you’re cutting, but when your bulking, you just need to up your calories from (good) fats and complex carbohydrates.

No white bread, white rice, pasta…

Oh no…

You want to eat clean, even when your bulking.

Sure, you can have a few cheat meals every week, otherwise what’s the point.

But … the majority of the time, stick to complex carbs in the form of brown pasta, brown rice, oats and sweet potato.

20-30% of your diet should come from good fats too.

To get good fat, you should be eating grass fed beef and chicken, oily fish, whole eggs (yes…and the yolks) and nuts like … Pistachios, almonds or walnuts.

When I was bulking and I needed to increase my carb intake, a really neat way of getting more calories from carbs for me was to buy “Ultra Fine Oats”.  I would just add these to my protein shake and they tasted great (like cookies).

Once your happy with your size, you’ll probably want to continue with another 10lbs of growth, before you start cutting.


Because when you’re in a calorie deficit, (most) people will lose a little muscle along with the fat.

So if my goal was 185 lbs of ripped lean muscle at 5% body fat. I would typically bulk up to around 195 – 200lbs and then start cutting.

Don’t make the mistake of reducing your calories right down as this will just make your tired, irritable and your lose motivation and will put you into a catabolic state – losing you muscle.

Instead, allow yourself into a calorie deficit of 200- 300 calories and then just increase your intensity in the gym and slowly incorporate HIT cardio until your losing 1-2 lbs of fat a week.

… For the best bulking and cutting results you want to “tailor” your nutrition for your particular lifestyle, circumstances and goals.

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