About Luke Logan

Welcome to Maximal Growth … my name is Luke Logan.

Listen … I know what you’re going through.

11 months ago, I hated my body … and it affected every part of my life. I had no energy, self-esteem, zero confidence, was shy, intimidated, and couldn’t even hold a proper conversation.

… And around women — forget it!

What woman wants to be seen with a skinny weakling?

The older I got, the worse I started to look.

My stomach was quickly outgrowing my chest … and I started developing the physique known as the “Skinny-Fat” look.

I convinced myself that I was doomed. That bad genetics ran in my family (thanks Dad) and there was “nothing” I could do about it.

Every morning I woke, I would stare at my reflection in the mirror.


Honestly …

I can’t even explain it myself.

Maybe it was an inevitable (subconscious) buildup.

A buildup that would one day tip me over the edge to say enough is enough.

Whatever the reason, I came back from holiday and it was like a “light-bulb moment” in my head that just switched on.

Was it the attention from “hot females” that my (more muscular) mates received on holiday?


Whatever it was …

… I decided there and then, that I will have a body to be proud of in 6 months … and gain unstoppable confidence and self esteem in the process.

The following day, I joined a gym near my workplace in London.

… and I haven’t looked back since.

To this day, I continue to pack on 4-6lbs of lean muscle EVERY month.

… It’s truly exciting to see your body transform so “easily” and have bucket loads of energy all day.

And when you get your hands on the same plan I’m following … you too will experience the same results (more on that later).

But it wasn’t like that in the beginning – Not by a long shot.

You see … I had a personal trainer for the first 4 weeks of my membership to walk me through everything I needed to know to achieve the dream body.

None of the trainers had the body I wanted. Most were slim themselves. But I took the plunge.

I told him I wanted to be around 185lbs. Strong, lean and ripped. (I started at 155lbs but being tall, I just looked so skinny…)

Anyhow … he put me through my paces 3 times per week.

He got me doing supersets. He got me doing dropsets … you name it … I was doing it.

After each workout, my body was “destroyed”.

I’m kid of impatient, so I was weighing myself weekly to check up on my results … and every week I saw no change.

I started working harder and harder until I felt physically sick after each session.

After a month of “brutal” work in the gym, my lean bodyweight was EXACTLY the same.

Yup … no results whatsoever!

£588.00 (around $1000) lighter and for what?

BIG mistake.

I was ready to throw in the towel … seriously.

I was pissed … immediately I began doing my own research from people who had the physique I wanted to achieve.

I devoured every piece of bodybuilding info I could find and started testing all the ideas and theories I could.

I was meticulous at measuring my results … I got the best fat calipers money could buy, and measured my results weekly against my bodyweight.

And now? … I’m able to put on 1lb of lean muscle EVERY week (sometimes 1.5lbs) like “clockwork”… and In 5 months I’ve packed on 23lbs of rock hard muscle WITHOUT gaining a shred of fat.



I never stop learning from the best about what it takes to build muscle QUICKLY and EASILY … and neither should you.

… and now I want to REVEAL specifically what I discovered that’s helped me build the body I always longed for …

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Luke “Former Skinny Guy” Logan